İstanbul Sanayi Odası - Chairman's Message, Balance in the Financial Area Should be Provided in Real Economy

Chairman's Message

Balance in the Financial Area Should be Provided in Real Economy

Our economy has been said to be passing through an unsteady term when talking about some primary economic parameters from industry manufacturing index to unemployment, from inflation to interest rates. Here comes the reality: A balance has been set up financially but the real economy has not fallen into place yet. Creation of a balance in this field is of great importance in terms of our industry and the tomorrows of our manufacturing life. We had a chance to make evaluations mainly focused on this matter in the Assembly with Mustafa Varank, our Minister of Industry and Technology who we hosted as the first Minister of our new operating period in the previous month’s Assembly meeting.

I want to say that I have found these words of Mr. Varank very meaningful in the meeting which we carried out with the main agenda of “Focusing on the New Moves towards Becoming Powerful Industrial Country”. “We believe that the impulse in the increase of development and prosperity should be the industry. Therefore, we have to realize the structural transformation in manufacture to strengthen the industry and increase the competition. The route to ‘Big and Powerful Turkey’ passes through this understanding.

We are stating in every platform that Turkey should write up a new economic story based on manufacture, industry, advance technology creating added-value. Undoubtedly, providing a particular economic growth is possible with sectors apart from manufacturing sector. But maintaining this permanently is not possible. Because the main economic activity permanently providing added-value, employment, increase in productivity and causing all these to create a permanent prosperity in total is industry, manufacturing.

We are touching upon a subject which we believe to make significant contribution to this process in this issue. This subject is efforts of Turkey to increase its competition power. We, as Istanbul Chamber of Industry are attaching great importance to this effort and through our efforts, we are trying to increase the competitive capacity of our industry and industrialists. Within this scope we are organizing training and improvement activities for our industrialists through various titles such as seminars, informative meetings, mini-MBA programs and class trainings which we are organizing under the name of ICI Academy. You can find our activities, trainings and seminars through which we have been providing service with approximately 100 events from AR-GE, innovation to financing and foreign trade for 4.000 people in a year on these pages.

I hope that 2019 will be a new beginning full of hopes, excitement and blessing for whole humanity, our country and you...

Erdal Bahçıvan
Istanbul Chamber of Industry