Garment Manufacturing Industry, Executive Summary

The Istanbul Chamber of Industry has been conducting an "İSO Professional Committees Sector Strategy Development Project" since 2001 with an eye to enhancing the competitive power of our manufacturing industries.

This report is composed of six sections. The first section describes the nature and scope of the Apparel Manufacturing sector while the second reviews developments in the sector and presents a general outlook. The third section deals with the global clothes sector and Turkey's position is examined in detail. The fourth and fifth sections offer a review of the basic components of competition in the sector, together with a SWOT analysis, and the last section contains sector strategies and policy recommendations.

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Plastic And Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry, Executive Summary

This summary is made up of three sections. Firstly, the general development and outlook of the Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing industry has been set forth. This is followed by an assessment of the plastic products manufacturing industry in the second section. The third section is devoted to the rubber products manufacturing sector. Both the plastic and the rubber products sectors have been analyzed under three sub-headings that examine progress, major sector indicators, competitive power and sector strategies. The major sector indicators discussed are production, added value, employment and exports. Foreign trade indicators have been reviewed in detail according to Customs Tariff System Codes (GTİP) by statistics on sub-sectors, world trade and Turkey.

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Machinery Manufacturing Industry Sector, Executive Summary

The Machinery Manufacturing Industry is a distinctive, significant and priority sector for countries in terms of reaching their goals of achieving global power. The sector, with all of its important industrial branches, engages in strategic alliances to provide services and produce investment and intermediate goods. Economies with strong Machinery Manufacturing Industries have a differential advantage over other countries in the manufacturing sector. This report is composed of 7 sections. The first section is devoted to defining the sector and its scope and is followed in the next three sections by a general analysis and an analysis of the status and structure of sub-sectors, making comparisons on an international basis. The developments in foreign trade in the sub-sectors have been examined under a total of 21 headings. It can be said in one sense that a snapshot has been taken of each sub-sector. The fourth section deals with the subject of technology and how the machinery sector, with its existing and developing technologies in the realm of manufacturing, is a determinant of product functions in all sectors. The state of R&D and developments in this area, of critical importance to the sector, have been summarized under this heading. Developments in the world machinery manufacturing sector is the focus of the fifth section. The sixth section contains an analysis of competitive power. The seventh and last section is about the strategic goals that underlie the vision that has been developed in the sector and the policies that can be recommended in order to reach these goals.

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