Belarus Looking For Increased Economic Relations and Mutual Investments With Turkey

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Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, paid an official visit to Turkey with the aim of further developing economic relations between the two countries, and specifically visited Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) together with Andrei Savinykh, Belarus’s Ambassador to Ankara. Hosted by Erdal Bahçıvan, the Chairman of ICI Board, and İrfan Özhamaratlı, Vice Chairman of ICI Board, and accompanied by Sefa Gömdeniz, Chairman of the Turkish part of the Belarus-Turkey Business Council in Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK), Ulakhovich and Savinykh asked support from ICI Management to further mutual investments and trade not only in the textile and leather industries but also in the automotive industry.

Indeed, ICI took a close interest in these calls of Belarus before and organized a ‘Belarus Country Day’ in Istanbul in order to inform its members on mutual investments, business and trade opportunities. Belarus now intends to strengthen this communication. So it was agreed in this meeting, where it was discussed what else could be done together with ICI, to organize an event in Belarus in May 2018. This event will bring together the business worlds of the two countries through B2B meetings.