ICI and GE Cooperates for the 'Digital Transformation of Industry'

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Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) launched an initiative that will enable transformation in respect of digitalization with the goal of improving productivity, revenue, quality, energy efficiency of companies, reducing their costs and simplifying their processes. ICI cooperates with GE Digital, the leading digital transformation service provider of the world, to light the way for the digital transformation of its more than 18 thousand members. The cooperation between these two organizations will open up the horizon of the ICI member industrial companies on the path of digitalization, and help them see their future clearer. The companies will be able to take the required steps on time and based on proven experiences especially while investing in digitalization.

The cooperation agreement signature ceremony held in Odakule center of ICI was honored by the participations of ICI Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan and GE Digital CEO William Ruh. "Digitalization will rewrite the rules of the game in all industries and will fully change the game in manufacturing industry." said Erdal Bahçıvan, ICI Chairman. "All chains extending from production models to management culture, customer relations to supply chain will get their own share from digitalization. And as ICI, we aim to support our members on this journey as their most reliable business partner." said Bahçıvan.

İSO ve GE, “Sanayinin Dijital Dönüşümü” İçin İş Birliği Yaptı 03

A national digital transformation strategy should be set in the manufacturing industry.

ICI Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan also attracted attention to the importance of this agreement for the industrialists. "In this digital age where international geographical manufacturing dynamics will also be reshaped, I believe that we should define and effectively apply a national digital transformation strategy for the manufacturing industry including an incentive-support system, human resources and training policies not to miss this opportunity for change as Turkey. We can interpret digitalization as Data Economy in a way. In order to generate meaningful data in our processes and and to interpret this data both for the use of people and machines become important competencies." said Bahçıvan.

"We are proud to support the digital transformation of the industry."

İSO ve GE, “Sanayinin Dijital Dönüşümü” İçin İş Birliği Yaptı 02

William Ruh, CEO of GE Digital that is one of the organizations leading digitalization in the world, attracted attention to the the spectacular digital transformation of GE as a large industrial company within the last few years. "We had reviewed everything from digitalization of our asset management to production processes and our employee's way of work." said Ruh and expressed their pride in supporting the digitalization of the industry all around the world. "I believe our partnership with Istanbul Chamber of Industry is especially exciting. ICI gathers together thousands of companies for a single purpose. And GE Digital has the quality to support this single purpose of moving towards a digital future in order to unite and optimize industries." said Ruh.

The commercial and technical steps that the companies will take will be determined.

İSO ve GE, “Sanayinin Dijital Dönüşümü” İçin İş Birliği Yaptı 01

Following the cooperation agreement between ICI and GE Digital, first the current positions of the ICI members will be identified in the digital axis. And then the desired positions and their contributions to the respective companies will be revealed, and a detailed commercial and technical plan regarding the steps to be taken to achieve these desired positions will be defined. Thus, the companies will be guided in correctly managing their digitalization investments. Moreover, a Digital Transformation Web Portal will also be developed to guide the members on this transformation journey within the body of ICI.