Korea Istanbul Consul General Hong Keewon Visits ICI Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan

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Korea Istanbul Consul General Hong Keewon visited Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan. During this visit of Odakule, the parties exchanged views on improving economical cooperation between Turkey and Korea, and fulfilling the existing potential in a stronger manner. ICI Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan mentioned that the very good political relations between these two countries are not reflected to the economical relations enough, and expressed the need to search and find ways to raise these relations to the desired level. Bahçıvan said that they had previously progressed on some issues with the Istanbul Consul General and need to put some projects into practice in the new term.

Korea Istanbul Consul General Hong Keewon stated that they are aware that the economical relations between two countries are way below their actual potential, and that they will be doing their full share of work as the consulate to fulfill this potential in the new term. In the meeting where the possible common platforms for the industrialists and businesspeople of Turkey and the industrialists and businesspeople of Korea that has a R&D based industry and technology-based production facilities were discussed, the necessity of establishing stronger cooperation between two organizations was declared.