Meyer-Landrut, New President of EU Turkey Delegation Visited ICI

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Ambassador Meyer-Landrut, the new President of European Union Turkey Delegation paid a courtesy visit to Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) within the framework of official contacts in Istanbul and Erdal Bahçıvan, ICI Board of Directors President hosted him in Odakule and wished success to Landrud in his new mission. Industrial transformation across the world, digitalization, vocational training and sustainability were discussed with Landrut during the visit.

In the visit where the yesterday and today of the relations between Turkey and European Union and developments experienced in the membership process of Turkey were discussed and opinions regarding the process were shared. It was underlined that relation between Turkey and European Union which started in 1960s was a process that has made significant contributions to the both parties, it was recorded that Turkey and European Union are two significant partners with important and rooted historical links cannot give up on each other easily.

Bahçıvan, the ICI President stated that: “Both free trade agreements that European Union entered with the third countries and the targets of the countries located in the near geography to become the new production base in EU should not impact the partnership perspective of Turkey with EU in negative direction. As one of the strongest representatives of the Turkish industry, researches regarding the European Union were one of our priorities. The fact that Istanbul Chamber of Industry was one of the founders of Economic Development Foundation, one of the first and strongest non-governmental organizations in the Europe journey of Turkey and established in 1965 was one of the most significant indicators of our EU vision.” 

The importance of the digitalization of companies across the world was discussed in the negotiation and opinions on how this process was experienced in Turkey were shared. UE Delegation was informed about the services and training processes of ICI in this regard. 

Bahçıvan invited Ambassador Meyer-Landrut to an event to be organized in the following days by ICI while sharing opinions about sustainability. In the negotiations where the evaluations were made regarding the vocational training, it was agreed to hold an organization so that European Union Delegation can see the important industrial organizations of Turkey in place during the following months.