"On with Investment, Employment, Exports" Say Those Who Trust and Produce In Turkey

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Over 600 ICI member foreign-invested enterprises met with Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister; Bülent Tüfenkci, Minister of Customs and Trade; Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy; and Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology at the conference held by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) under the theme of “Trust in Turkey, Produce in Turkey”.

Over 600 ICI member foreign-invested enterprises operating in 74 countries met with Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister; Bülent Tüfenkci, Minister of Customs and Trade; Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy; and Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology at the conference held by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI). Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım attended the meeting via teleconference .

Statements made by the representatives of the foreign-invested companies are summarized below.

Hüseyin Gelis, CEO and President of Siemens Turkey:

“We, as global actors, are aware of the fact that today no incident is peculiar to a certain country. We have come to Turkey with a long-term vision. Our problems will be solved as long as we act in unity and solidarity. We have managed to bring novelties to this land 160 years ago, as well. We will continue to operate in these fields in Turkey. Of course we will continue to establish plants, , but we need to keep an open mind.”

Gökhan Saraç, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Board Member for Unilever Turkey, Russia, MENA, Central Asia and Caucasus:

“We have full confidence in Turkey's future. We will commence the construction of a major production plant in Konya shortly. Our production capacity will grow. We are proud to make this investment in Turkey. We will continue our investments with the aim of contributing to the stable growth of Unilever Turkey. We will work harder, create more employment and produce more.”

Ahmet Erdem, Shell Turkey Country Chairman:

“Turkey is among Shell's top 10 priority countries. We have full faith in Turkey's potential and future. We have made and will continue to make investments in a variety of fields, predominantly in the energy sector. We are grateful to Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister and distinguished Ministers for supporting foreign investors. Their efforts contribute to building trust with foreign investors. It will eventually increase our country's competitive capacity.”

Ali Koç, Chairman of Ford Otosan:

“Not only do our partners and we talk about our faith and confidence in our country, but also we back our words with investments and the actions we take. Our TL 30 billion investment over the last five years is a testament to our confidence in Turkey's future. In order to attract more foreign investment, Turkey definitely needs a reliable and fair legal system, a world-class democracy, qualified labor and R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship, and an ecosystem that promotes the creation of added value. In recent years, the government provided our industrialists with the most extensive incentives in the history of our Republic. I believe that these, when combined with holistic strategies, will enable us to usher a new era of investment.”

Mahmut Sarıoğlu, Deputy President of The Good Year Tire & Rubber Company:

“Our operations in Turkey date back to 1962. Total daily output of our Adapazarı and İzmit plants is 20 thousand. We create employment through a large network of dealers across the country and continue to grow with investments both present and past. We also aim to become a socially responsible company.”

Sami Sevinç, Executive Director of ABB Turkey:

“Being an industrialist in Turkey is like visiting an amusement park. I must say that industrialists expecting a carousel ride only will have to readjust their expectations. Being an industrialist in Turkey is more like being on a roller coaster. In this context, it is never smooth sailing in the days ahead. State contribution is essential for providing a solution to this issue. The uptrend which we are accustomed to will start then.”

Buğra Kavuncu, CEO of BASF Türk:

“In the upcoming years, we will be able to grow the production capacity of the chemistry sector. Our company is affected by competition, as well. As a global company, we have to explain why Turkey is a good target for investment. It is not a difficult task, though. International investors are always interested in Turkey. We are lucky in terms of human resources, as well. Political stability and peace are key elements, but unfortunately, the perception abroad has lately posed a challenge. Yet, I am ready to do anything to solve this issue. It is a small world: what we say here finds its way for foreign ears.”

Dr. Altan Demirdere, Head of Sandoz / Novartis Turkey and Middle East:

“Our global CEO was set to visit Turkey on August 10, but the visit has been postponed, an act we objected to, as such a visit CEO was significant. They requested bulletproof cars, bodyguards, and the like, but when he arrived, he saw for himself that everything is normal. He left his bodyguards and the car behind, and went back home happily. Investing in a country resembles committing to a marriage. The first step is the promise, and if all goes well, engagement and marriage follow as a long-term plan. Similarly, we are married to Turkey, and have no intention to get a divorce. Sandoz/Novartis will never stop loving and trusting in Turkey.”

Tankut Turnaoğlu, Chairman of Procter & Gamble Turkey / Caucasus

“We fully believe that our country will overcome these difficult times in the best way possible. Since 1987, we made direct investments worth USD 700 million in Turkey. This year, we have a USD 80 million investment plan. We welcome the government's determination to improve the investment climate and congratulate them for the measures they are taking precautions in place. We will continue to trust in Turkey.”

Zeynep Sungu, Marketing Services and Corporate Communications Director at Nestle Turkey:

“Nestle has never given up on Turkey. We have full confidence in the power and growth potential of Turkey’s economy. Turkey has the highest growth potential in the world. We wholeheartedly believe that Turkey will become more stable as long as it maintains its solidarity. We have projects in plan for healthy nutrition. We have allocated 3 million dollars to this project whose goal is to reach out to millions of people. Accordingly, we have signed a protocol with the Ministry of National Education. We are organizing training sessions for 12-year-olds.”