Russian Federation Looking For Cooperation To Further Trade In Any Area

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Aydar Gashigulli, Russian Federation Trade Representative to Turkey, and Alexander Bakustin, Counselor of Trade Representation of Russian Federation in, Istanbul - Turkey, were hosted at Odakule by Erdal Bahçıvan, the Chairman of ICI and Adnan Dalgakıran, Vice Chairman of ICI.

During the meeting, current developments on the economic relations between the two countries were evaluated, and results and developments of the ‘Russian Country Day’ that was organized by ICI a short while ago were discussed. While it was stressed that these kind of events should definitely continue, what more can be done to bring together the business people of the two countries specifically in 2018 was also discussed. Another specific focus of the meeting was the vast opportunities for cooperation between the two countries primarily in banking, finance, construction, textile, energy and many more other industries. The need for a more proactive relationship to unleash this potential was underscored.