Membership and Subscription


Industrialists with a headquarters or production facility located in Istanbul and a headcount of 10 or more employees are obliged to register to our Chamber in accordance with Law no. 5714 on Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, and Chambers and Commodity Exchanges. Since our processes are fully managed in the electronic setting, membership procedures may be completed in no time.

Subscription Fees

Members are charged with a registration fee during registration to the chamber or the commodity exchange, an annual subscription fee, and an additional fee.

The annual subscription fee is calculated on the basis of the total equity of companies and is decided according to designated grades and tariffs.

Additional fee is calculated as 5/1000 of the total commercial revenues declared in the income tax statement of real traders and industrialists; and of the commercial accounting profit declared on the corporate tax statement of legal traders and industrialists.

Members who are registered to multiple chambers distribute the additional fee amount to their respective chambers equally.

To avoid extra burden on our members who are subscribed to other chambers, the distribution of fees is enabled as of registration.