ISO FoundationThe Istanbul Chamber of Industry Foundation (İSOV) was established on March 21, 1994 to conduct the social and cultural activities of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry. The objective of İSOV is to benefit from the knowledge, experience and business competencies of the industrialists and businessmen that are members of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in order to contribute to initiatives organized to achieve Türkiye's cultural, scientific, technological, social and economic development and to work to provide professional training and industrial cooperation in matters that involve industrial production.

In line with this goal, İSOV makes use of all available resources to provide professional training opportunities and serve Turkish industry and the country in social issues and in extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters.

We are at present giving 4 vocational schools material and moral support in their role as pilot schools in Istanbul that will be training the qualified intermediary staff that our industry is most in need of. Outside of these pilot schools, the İSOV Vocational Training Complex that we built and donated to the Ministry of National Education is now being enhanced with our "Vocational Technical Training Center" that was launched at standards befitting İSOV to take on the mission of training intermediary staff that will serve our industry with their knowledge of computers, communications, foreign languages, comprising the qualified work force that Turkish industry has needed for so many years.

Apart from the support the Istanbul Chamber of Industry Foundation gives to schools, we also provide unconditional scholarships to elementary school, secondary school and university (technical) achievers of low-income families, as well as to children who are victims of earthquakes, children of soldiers, policemen and teachers, deceased or killed on the line of duty.