Istanbul Province Board of Young Entrepreneurs is an advisory council that contributes to developing general policies that will guide young entrepreneurs and help in generating opinions. The Board was also founded to provide young entrepreneurs with educational and capacity development support, and it works to ensure that entrepreneurial ideas are brought to life.

Coordinated by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, the Board is a part of the TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye) organization and stationed in Istanbul.

Istanbul Province Board of Young Entrepreneurs is made up of young entrepreneurs in the province of Istanbul between the ages 18-40 who have been recommended by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, the Chamber of Maritime Trade and the Istanbul Commodity Exchange.

The Istanbul Board of Young Entrepreneurs aims:

  1. To create career development opportunities for young people by providing guidance in paths to personal development;
  2. Besides providing instruction and capacity development suggestions, to support young entrepreneurs in successfully establishing and managing their businesses;
  3. To determine the measures that are needed in helping enterprises enter sectors that will contribute to the development of the Turkish economy and to guide and encourage young entrepreneurs in moving toward this goal;
  4. To organize educational programs and various social activities with an eye to creating an awareness regarding social responsibility among young entrepreneurs;
  5. To encourage young entrepreneurs to take part in the activities of civil organizations and local administrations and ensure that they form partnerships with these organizations and work together on needed projects.