Albanian Consul General in Istanbul, Armand Shandro, Visited ICI President Erdal Bahçıvan

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Albanian Consul General in Istanbul, Armand Shandro, paid a courtesy visit to Chairman of Board of Directors of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI), Erdal Bahçıvan. The meeting took place at the ICI headquarters in the Odakule building, where they discussed current global and regional developments.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that the relations between Turkey and Albania have a long and rich history as well as cultural partnership. The current state and potential of the trade volume between the two countries were evaluated. The visit highlighted that the ties between the two countries would be further strengthened through economic collaborations. Shandro provided information about the industrial structure of his country, noting that textile products, machinery and equipment, food products, and construction materials are prominent in foreign trade. The discussion concluded with a consensus on organizing an event similar to a Country Day to bring together industrialists from both countries.