Istanbul Chamber of Industry is Establishing a “LIVING CITY”

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As Türkiye, we are trying to wrap up the pain of an extraordinary disaster together.

As the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), we have been constantly searching for different solutions in aid for the citizens in the region since the first hours of the earthquake.

Undoubtedly; It will take a long time to heal the wounds of this great pain. Our observations in the region have shown us that the biggest benefit that will contribute to the return to normal life is to establish durable shelters.

In this direction, we, as ISO, think that the most accurate and permanent support that will suit our community is the establishment of an “Istanbul Chamber Of Industry Living City” consisting of container houses.

In this context, the establishment of an “Istanbul Chamber Of Industry Living City” with 1.000 containers in the first place will be the most beneficial helping hand we can extend to the citizens in the region.

You can make your donations for the container with two rooms, toilet-bathroom and kitchen sink, which will contribute to the housing need in the region, to the following account numbers belonging to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry Foundation (ISOV), established by our chamber. The names of the donors and institutions will be placed on the containers if requested.

We would be pleased if you would forward this campaign to your friends at home and abroad.

We would like to thank you all again for all the contributions and for your valuable support in the future.


5.000 USD / 4.500 EURO / 4.000 GBP


Burçin Değirmencioğlu: +90 (212) 252 29 00 Extension : 120-122
Hakan Çoban: +90 (212) 252 29 00 Extension : 123-124-126

Istanbul Chamber of Industry Foundation (ISOV) Bank Accounts:

İstanbul Sanayi Odasi Vakfi

USD: TR140001000701076145015022
EURO: TR840001000701076145015023
GBP: TR570001000701076145015024

Swift Code / Bic Code: TCZBTR2A