Wu Jian, Chinese Consul General in Istanbul Visits ICI's Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan

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Wu Jian, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Istanbul, visited Istanbul Chamber of Industry's Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan to consult on the "China Desk" initiated by ICI on March 10, 2022. Stating that they have welcomed this step of ICI favorably and believed it would contribute to the trade relations between the two nations, Jian said, "We seek to accelerate our cooperation and warm relations with the ICI's China Desk."

Meng Fanwei, Economy and Trade Attaché of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Istanbul, also participated in the meeting, which was held in a warm atmosphere by ICI Chairman Bahçıvan. During the meeting, mutual ideas were exchanged on activities that will increase economic cooperation and trade volume between the two countries as part of the ICI's "China Desk" project. 

During the meeting, the Chairman of the ICI's Board of Directors, Erdal Bahçıvan said the two countries are vigorous and excited to develop a different model of cooperation with the People's Republic of China with the "ICI's China Desk" project of the Chamber, and to establish a new working principle for opportunities awaiting the business community of the two countries. "We have the potential to go much further in terms of supply, technology, finance, export and cooperation with other countries than where we are today," said Bahçıvan, and added: 

"We aim to make this important initiative available to our members and this is how the ICI's China Desk demonstrates the importance our Chamber attaches to this issue. We consider the ICI's China Desk as a service that will be implemented not only by us but also with the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Istanbul. As much as questions and demands from our members, many projects of higher added value that unlock potential between the two countries, I believe, will emerge from here. At the 70th anniversary of the ICI, we would like to make a plan for and implement a launch event that will contribute to the awareness of the ICI's China Desk before our members and the public as soon as possible."

Wu Jian, the Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Istanbul, also expressed his satisfaction about the "Chinese Desk" project of ICI during the visit. "It is very important for us to co-operate with the Istanbul Chamber of Industry” he said. “We at the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul believe that we will develop many collaborations with this powerful representative organization of industry.

"Although the pandemic has affected today’s conditions negatively, we expect our bilateral relations to strengthen in the future. Many Chinese companies operate in Türkiye, and their contributions, particularly in the financial sector, have helped the two nations build a strong and reputable image. There has been an accelerating collaboration between Türkiye and China in trade, investment, and tourism in recent years. Within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, Türkiye presents a wide perspective for cooperation at a very special point. We would like to accelerate our cooperation and warm relations with the ICI's China Desk.”

Consul General Wu Jian added that they were expecting Turkish companies in the free trade areas of China and that the ISO’s initiative would be a great guide in this regard.

Wu Jian: “Although there are some restrictions today due to the pandemic, China will never give up on the outside world. We support foreign capital and would like to welcome your members in China. We want your members to go to free zones and do on-site research. We are ready to provide all the help we can in this regard."

Jian stated that the two nations' relations are doing extremely well and communicated their goodwill wishes, noting that they support all types of measures to boost bilateral commerce as a country.

Following the talks, it was agreed to hold a joint session under the leadership of ICI to further enhance Turkish-Chinese trade relations.