Industrial Food Sector

Nutrition, which is one of the most determinative factors of our quality of life and health, is simultaneously affected by many trends that have changed worldwide in recent years. Increasing demand for packaged food, rising nutritional trends (natural, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, etc.), development of consumer awareness and, of course, the increasing importance of sustainability and waste management are just a few of them. With all these changes, the sector's market expands in terms of both scale and diversity, while appealing to target audiences with different sensitivities becomes imperative in order to survive in the sector.

Despite the continued rapid growth in our country, as you can see in this report, the market has not yet reached saturation and there is a great potential still waiting to be addressed. Our industrial food producers are candidates to become one of the main actors in our country's service exports with their know-how. The development and success of the sector is of vital importance for many public institutions, from schools to military institutions, to universities to security. This is also extremely valuable for us industrialists, who fulfill their obligation to provide healthy and quality food to their personnel every day.

In this report, the trends listed above and all key indicators concerning the sector are analyzed in detail.

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Istanbul Chamber of Industry Sustainability Report 2021

The Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) operates with the goal of increasing the production capability of Turkish industry and contributing to the national economy. ICI represents Sustainability Report 2021, includes the environmental, social, and economic impact of ICI’s activities, as well as its objectives.

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Turkish Heat Treatment Industry 2022

As Istanbul Chamber of Industry, we have been trying to support our country’s search for sectoral strategy and policy by publishing comprehensive reports for different sectors for the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of our industry for more than 20 years. In our reports prepared with the contributions of our industry representatives, especially our members of the Sectoral Committees, we seek an answer to the question of how our country can better fulfill its potential in the light of the changing global conditions and market dynamics.

The work in your hand now is the updated version of our Heat Treatment Industry sectoral report published in 2017. The heat treatment industry, which has made a significant progress in terms of both quality and production capacity with the breakthroughs it has made in the 2000s, provides vital intermediate goods to industries such as automotive, machinery and white goods, the leading industries in production and export of Türkiye.

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