Electrical Lighting Equipment Production Industry

In parallel with the technological developments continuing with its whole speed in global scale, also the Lighting systems are in a radical transformation period. Various revolutionary developments such as substitution of traditional lamps with LED Lamps, usage of electronic sections instead of mechanical parts and sections, spread of smart Lighting systems from buildings to city Lighting activities have been experienced. Effective usage of the Lighting systems in energy efciency which has gained importance and taken part among the strategical targets recently in our country is of vital importance.

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Turkish Heat Treatment Industry

For the stable development of the industrial sector, vertical and horizontal integration between the sectors must be ensured and the sub-industries must show a balanced development in line with the needs of the sector. As you can see in this document, heat treatment is a branch of the fabrication metal industry sector and it plays a crucial role for the development we underlined due to the close affairs with all other industrial branches.

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Mineral Products Manufacturing Industry, Executive Summary

With the "İSO Professional Committees Sector Strategy Development Project" that has been conducted since 2001, the Istanbul Chamber of Industry aims to contribute to the competitive power of our manufacturing industries.

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