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Istanbul Chamber of Industry Sustainability Report 2021

The Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) operates with the goal of increasing the production capability of Turkish industry and contributing to the national economy. ICI represents Sustainability Report 2021, includes the environmental, social, and economic impact of ICI’s activities, as well as its objectives.

Yayın Tarihi : Kasım 2022 İNDİR

Turkish Copper And Copper Alloys Manufacturing Industry

Copper and copper alloys, among the first products that come to mind when metal raw materials are mentioned in the industry, are also at the focal point of all these developments. Copper has an indisputable strategic importance with its important physical properties, especially conductivity, and its indispensability in electrical-electronic products that now cover all areas of our lives. Being one of the first metals used by humanity and the first alloy component make copper an ancient material. And the importance that electric vehicles and renewable energy production will gain in the coming decades carries the value of copper to the future.

Yayın Tarihi : Kasım 2022 İNDİR

İstanbul Sanayi Odası Türkiye PMI İmalat Sanayi Raporu (Ekim 2022)

İstanbul Sanayi Odası, ekonominin en güvenilir öncü göstergesi “İmalat PMI”ı Türkiye için açıkladı.

Yayın Tarihi : Kasım 2022 İNDİR